A PMO, or a Project Management Office, is the central hub of project management activity within an organisation. The PMO is responsible for standardising practice and procedure, documentation and template creation, metrics and measures of success. There are organisations with Project Managers that create their documents ‘from scratch’, and make up the rules as they go, leading to tremendous inefficiencies.

QTC will ensure you have a PMO goal that maps to your organisation’s strategy.

Together, we will need to receive senior management support in written and financial terms, as your PMO is not going anywhere unless you have support from senior management. We will assist in gathering support from senior management and have an approved budget for your PMO set-up and maintenance.

Together, we will Set-up a reporting structure that includes all the various lines of business to ensure that everyone understands the benefits of the PMO, by including them in the structure set-up.

The PMO is a strategic role within an organisation to ensure that all projects are running smoothly and effectively for the benefit of the whole company, the PMO is not an admin office to fill in documentation.

We will work with you to set-up standards and a high level process to ensure your success.

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