Access and Equity Policy on Provision of Training Services


QTC is committed to ensuring that access and equity principles are applied to all training activities. QTC complies with relevant Equal Opportunity Legislation and the WA Discrimination Act.

All personnel are aware of, and adhere to, these principles:

No individual participant will be discriminated against (and access to courses will not be limited) on the basis of:

  • Sex
  • Sexuality
  • Relationship status
  • Status as a parent or carer
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Race
  • Religious or political conviction
  • Disability
  • Membership or non-membership of an association or organisation of employers or employees
  • Age

All participants will be recruited in an ethical and responsible manner which promotes inclusiveness and is consistent with the National Training Package.

The dignity and privacy of an individual will be respected at all times.

An individual may be discriminated against in the provision of courses/ services if:

  • It is based on a genuine occupational qualification, or requirement in relation to a particular position, or
  • Where the provision of courses/services requires special services and facilities the supply of which would impose unjustifiable hardship or
  • It is for the purpose of carrying such courses/services for the benefit of a group which is disadvantaged or has a special need because of a prescribed attribute, or
  • Where a person has a criminal history which impacts on the requirements of the course/service being provided.
  • A student requires delivery in a language other than that being offered by QTC in accordance with the relevant Training Package.

QTC acknowledges that students come to the program with a wealth of personal knowledge and life experiences. It provides an entry point to further/higher/ vocational education by offering accredited or non-accredited curriculum and culturally appropriate teaching resources that are relevant to participant needs and circumstances. It is not reliant on success or failure at school, is self paced, negotiable and flexible with participants encouraged to be involved in their own feedback and the decision making processes regarding realistic goals and progress.

Students need to have every opportunity to maximise their training and learning experience. Where there is perceived difficulty in achieving learning goals, discussion with the learner will be encouraged. Information will be provided about possible alternative pathways to achieve goals, options/choices to overcome barriers and ways to access a supportive network. This information will vary according to the individual needs of the learner.

Assessment is confidential and focuses on what the participant can do rather than cannot do. It is flexible, uses a variety of assessment tools and includes suggestions and negotiation about future goals/development.

QTC provides a safe environment that enables risk-taking, the opportunity to change, is encouraging and supportive allowing regular contact with peers/staff in familiar surroundings. Open and honest communication enables growth in self-esteem and self-concept.